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We pride ourselves on providing the cheapest Australian domain name registration service. Compare our .au domain registration prices with the competition!


Company Price
Domains4Less $14.95
Melbourne IT $40.00
Smarty Host $20.00
Net Registry $22.47
Planet Domain $27.50
Aust Domains $34.50
Bottle Domains $49.50
Domain Candy $49.50
TPP Internet $49.50
Enetica $34.50
Go Domains $49.00
Instra $45.00

Why are we so cheap?

Domain registration isn't a difficult service to provide, we provide an interface, billing and support allowing you to register domains. Since domain names can be moved between registrars with little difficulty and no cost, why would anyone stay with an expensive registrar?

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Email Accounts

Get professional email accounts that are hosted in Australia

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Web Hosting

All of our servers are based in Australia.

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Domain Names

Best value domain names in Australia.

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