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Best value domain names in Australia.

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All of our servers are based in Australia.


How do I register a domain name?

All you have to do is go to our home page and enter a search. You will then be advised whether or not the domain is available. If it’s available, you can continue with your order.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, once you register and pay for a domain name that is the only fee you pay to us.

What's included with my domain name?

Our prices include all registry fees for the number of years you have registered your domain name. Every domain name registered with us comes with:

  • Free phone and email support
  • Free web and email redirections
  • Free DNS zone management
  • Free name server delegation
  • Free domain transfers

What if a domain name isn't available?

Domain names are first in, first served. We recommend you try a different extension or variation of the domain name you searched for.

Who can register .au domain names?

Read our guide to .au domain names.

Who can register .nz domain names?

Any person or company can register .nz domain names so long as they are over the age of 18.

What characters can be used in domain names?

  • Up-to 63 characters, followed by the extension.
  • Alphanumerical (numbers or letters)
  • Can include hyphens (-) but must not begin or finish with them.

What will appear on my credit card statement?

Internet Services Group Pty Ltd

What is the difference between a personal and business account?

With a personal account the registrant will be your name (first name, last name) not a company. With a business account you will be required to provide a company name.

To change the registrant you will need to complete these forms.

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